Full Counsel Ministries appreciates your ongoing support and financial gifts to our ministry. To ensure that we have the resources to effectively minister the gospel, as well as support those that are in need in our community, we invite you to sow a generous seed into our ministry. Your donation will not only support our church operations, but they will also allow us to facilitate our food pantry for low-income families, provide utility and rent assistance to those in need, and to operate programs like our Next Step program, in which Bishop Brown helps High School students successfully transition into a college or university. Feel free to make a donation using our online payment process below.

Members of Full Counsel can also pay their tithes and offerings by using the online payment process below.

For those who do not have a church home and desire to sow into good ground you can become our covenant partner and sow your tithes and love offerings into this ministry. We know that the Lord is going to bless you to reap an overflow of natural and spiritual prosperity in your life.


May God Continue to Bless and Increase You!

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